Retirement Planning

Retirement planning has become increasingly complex amid turbulent markets, changing tax laws, and reduced employer-provided pension plans.  We focus on helping you develop a customized investment plan based on your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Income Security Solutions

According to the Society of Actuaties, on average, a 62 year-old husband and wife can expect to spend thirty years in retirement.  We therefore take a conservative approach and ong-term perspective to help increase the chance that your retirement resources last as long as you do.  Strategies in this area include:

  • Creating diversified income portfolios
  • Utilizing annuity products providing lifetime income distributions
  • Social security claiming strategies
  • Pension distribution planning
  • Tax deferral strategies
  • Long-term care planning

Tax and Retirement Planning for Clients Nearing Retirement

Traditional retirement plans may not sufficiently allow the high-income earner to save enough on an annual basis to replace current earnings in retirement.  We offer advanced retirement planning strategies in order to:

  • Supplement existing retirement plans
  • Overcome income and contribution limitations of qualified plans
  • Manage retirement funds as tax efficiently as possible
  • Protect assets from divorce, creditors and lawsuits
  • Minimize estate taxes